Advanced training for professionals in the arts, therapy and education

Atem–Tonus–Ton® was developed by Maria Höller-Zangenfeind. Her idea was to build a bridge between contemplative breath/body work and body-based vocal training.

Based on Prof. Ilse Middendorf's concept of the allowed breath, participants develop their personal breath and sound for speech, song and instrumental music.

Subconscious material is expressed and takes shape in sound and movement. Feelings and emotions become visible through gesture and audible through sound.

The training awakens and fosters a love of personal expression. The new aspects we discover in ourselves can also unfold more and more in our interactions with others. This is the point from which musical and performative presentation begins.

Improvisation is the earliest manifestation of the performing arts. It demands presence and confidence in one's own abilities. Potential, idiosyncrasies and limitations can be experienced, acknowledged and developed. Improvisation requires careful listening, the ability to move in the group, to face the unpredictable and to interact.

Practical and theoretical skills will be taught to enable students to work productively on their speaking and singing voice and on breath and sound quality. These skills can be integrated into your existing professional work (basic level), or taught to others as a certified Atem–Tonus–Ton® instructor (advanced level teacher training).

Annikki Scheu, Singer / voice coac

«The training is an intensely fulfilling journey to the underlying somatic connections between breath, body tone, sound and the voice in general. Facing up to the experience of sensing, feeling and accepting has taken my work as a voice coach to another level.»

Annikki Scheu,
Singer / voice coach